Diversity - Templeton Construction has excelled in all building types. From simple warehouses to custom homes and churches to highly complex government and institutional jobs. They have met budgets ranging from the thousands to in excess of twenty million.

Quality - Over the past twenty years, more than seventy percent of Templeton's volume has been from repeat clients - which says a great deal about the quality they build into each project. It is quite difficult to find a company with higher standards of excellence.

Experience - Over eighty years in the business can teach a great deal. Today's market demands a stable contractor who knows the profession; one who can draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience. Templeton Construction has this knowledge and has consistently demonstrated it since 1927.

Integrity - Templeton Construction can do and will do what they say - and they have the recommendations to prove it. They have the rare attribute of being more concerned with honest, complete work than with trying to find ways to squeeze out a few extra dollars from a job.



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